• Central Works Pro

    Central Works Pro

    AlarmSoft Central Works Pro

    • Optimized for Windows 8 Touch Screen Functionality
    • True Multi-User Capability (network required)
    • Menu Driven
    • Easy-to-Learn design permits faster operation with little training
    • Extensive Library of Receiver Formats
    • Built-In Management Tools
    • Remote Off-Site Capability (Multi-User required)
    • Top Notch Support by technicians familiar with all aspects of the security industry
    • Exclusive Runaway/False Alarm Detection Routines make it simpler to track problem accounts
    • Instant retrieval of alarm tickets to screen and/or printer
    • Advanced Security/Password Routines enhance your central station security

  • FlexSoft ‹NEW›

    FlexSoft Officeware

    FlexSoft Modules
    AlarmSoft’s New FlexSoft Officeware replaces our industry renowned AutoBiller 2000 plus adds many, many more features. This one software package actually can potentially replace all the other software applications in use at your business!

    This All-in-One software solution can provide inventory control, CRM, Document management, Accounts Payable, Bar Coding and many more modules to enhance your operation.  [FlexSoft in Detail]

    In beta test now, contact us today for the latest details.

  • Create Custom System

    Create your own custom AlarmSoft™ System

    You can use this form to specify a system matching your own special requirements – and we’ll get back to you…

    Do you already have a PC that you intend to use?

    If you do not have a PC, would you like for us to build you a custom complete system?

    If you do not wish for us to build you a custom complete system, do you want to provide your own PC?

    If yes, What operating system do you currently have on the PC?

    What are you looking for?
    Alarm Monitoring Software
    Automatic Billing Software

    Do you have one or more alarm receivers?

    If Yes,how many and what type(s)?

    If No, then what type of receiver do you wish to use?

    Do you need more than two incoming phone lines?

    If Yes, how many?

    What type of software do you need?
    Manual Dispatching Software with a 24 hour Dispatcher present.
    Automatic Software where no dispatcher is needed.

    If Manual Dispatching Software is needed, what type?

    If Multi-User is needed, how many PCs will be used?

    How many accounts would you like to start with?

    Do you need Service Manager?

    Do you want to send out automated reports by email and/or fax?

    Do you want to send our individual events by email and/or fax?

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  • Product Updates

    AlarmSoft Product Updates

    AlarmSoft™ Updates

    Have our products already?  Great!
    — Now get the latest versions — even better!!

    • Central Works 2000 Updates


      CW Lite, Single-User & Multi-User Update    [maxbutton name=”Update Download 1 of 4″]

      CW 2000 Data-Logger 2000 Update    [maxbutton name=”Update Download 2 of 4″]

    • AutoBiller 2000 Updates


      AB 2000 Single-User & Multi-User Update    [maxbutton name=”Update Download 3 of 4″]

      Auto Biller 2000 Mini Update    [maxbutton name=”Update Download 4 of 4″]

AlarmSoft Inc.

  • Signal-Me Add-On to CWPro


    Signla-Me Add-on to AlarmSoft Central Works 2000

    For the last several decades AlarmSoft™ has been an industry leader in new automation solutions for use in central station alarm monitoring environments. Once again we are proud to announce a new standard in central station alarm monitoring services.

    Our industry leading Central Works PRO alarm monitoring software has recently been enhanced with a new feature called the “Signal-me” E-mail Feature for use with our popular Central Station Wizard companion program. With the advent of this new feature alarm signals may now be e-mailed in a real time mode directly from the monitoring PC without any intervention from the central station operator. Signals may be sent directly to up to five unique e-mail addresses per event code. In addition, for those central stations that run in an unattended automatic mode, these same signals can also be sent to five other global system e-mail addresses as well.

    This new feature allows the user to customize text files using our powerful .POF file technology that will allow the output of nearly any account information data field available from within the Central Works PRO system. Custom text and/or instructions can be embedded into the output of the signal information to offer additional information or assistance concerning each individual alarm signal received.

    Missed autotests, low batteries, AC power loss signals and more can be conveniently delivered directly to technicians in the field in a real time mode without any operator intervention at all. Alarm signals can be sent directly to the client location and/or a roaming security guard making rounds as they occur. Trouble signals and non-emergency signals can be sent to other e-mail addresses for attention as soon as they occur. This feature can be enabled in any system that is equipped with our Central Station Wizard program simply by acquiring the current version of the Central Works PRO program. This feature can be used in both unattended, automatic processing central stations as well as those that are manned and using live operators.

    This feature can be used with any e-mail enabled device. A laptop, BlackBerry, cell phone or palm pilot can now be used to monitor alarms anywhere in the field. Imagine! You can now monitor alarm signals riding around in your truck!

    Now, remote monitoring of alarm signals is even easier than before! Gone are the days of alpha-numeric pagers and cumbersome TAP protocol technologies. Now, any cell phone, blackberry, palm pilot, or any other e-mail capable device can be used to monitor alarm signals from virtually anywhere in the field. All that is required is a central station computer equipped with our industry leading Central Works PRO monitoring software, the Central Station Wizard companion program, and an active internet connection and the alarm receiving device of your choice. We even offer internal and stand alone receiver technology that can be incorporated directly into the same PC! The level of service that can now be offered to the alarm client is unparalleled anywhere within the industry.

    This powerful feature is in addition to the already popular and heavily used feature of automatic open/closing reporting that can be sent automatically in the background to any e-mail address or fax number. This is the basic feature of our Central Station Wizard companion program and has gained wide popular use within the industry.

  • Central Station Wizard™ - ActFax Add-On to Central Works

    The Central Station Wizard™

    In the 21st century, technological advances have become commonplace. Every day we see or hear of new programs to make our lives easier and more efficient. AlarmSoft™ is now offering its next level of automation to meet the changing face of central station technology.

    ActFax-logoThe Central Station Wizard™, which is the use of ActFax as an add-on to Central Works, is the next step in the evolution of professional alarm monitoring. This incredibly powerful software package will interface with your existing central station package to virtually eliminate the need for paper, postage, and labor expenses when it comes to the processing of their Open/Close reports. How do we do that you may ask?

    The Central Station Wizard will provide automated O/C reports to all of your customers who want them. The Wizard can either E-Mail or fax to each individual customer at whatever time interval they request to as frequent as once a day. No longer will you have to restrict your mass mailings to weekly, bimonthly or monthly cycles, just set the Wizard and forget about it.

    So what’s in it for me, the central station owner? For those still using surface mail, for each and every O/C report you have postage, then you have the cost of paper, printer ink, and an envelope. Finally, when you factor in labor costs, it can cost $1.25, or more, for each O/C report. Now multiply how much it costs for each O/C report by the number of O/C clients you have by the number of times per month you send O/C reports. The Central Station Wizard can reduce this figure as much as 90%! No more postage, paper, printer ink, envelopes, or labor are necessary ever again! If nothing else, think of the environmental benefits.

    This also opens up the possibility of new markets. Previously, very few residential customers subscribed to O/C Reports. For obvious reasons they either didn’t want or couldn’t afford the extra expense for an O/C report. Now you can tell your residential clients for a small, nominal fee, as often as every day they can know when their children come home and leave, when their spouse or significant other arms and disarms the system, and/or any other activity.

    All you need to start providing this service right away is a PC running a Windows platform, a central station automation program, a fax modem (if faxing), and the ISP account of your choice.
    So don’t delay any longer. Come and join us in the technology age. Don’t get left behind. Stop spending money unnecessarily. Call AlarmSoft™ at +1 (757) 226-7226 right now and get this powerful, cost reducing software today!

  • TextAloud


    TextAloudTextAloud is a powerful text to speech (speech synthesis) tool for computers running all versions of Windows XP and later. TextAloud enables almost any text to be listened to using your computer or portable audio devices. TextAloud reads text from email, web pages, reports and more, aloud on your PC. TextAloud can also save your daily reading to MP3 or Windows Media files ready for playback on your iPod, PocketPC, or even on your TV with Tivo’s Home Media Option. Be more productive or just be entertained wherever you go with this text reader.

    TextAloud lets you:
    (NOTE: Some voices and functions may not be available on Windows 95)

    • Sit back and relax while your PC reads to you
    • Save text to MP3 for portable audio players
    • Proofread your own writing
    • Listen to that report while you’re on you way to a meeting
    • Find help for someone with a reading disability
    • Reduce eye strain from too much reading
    • Listen to information while you work on something else
    • Take some reading along for your daily walk or run
    • Listen to an eBook during your commute
    • Add some spice to your PowerPoint presentations
    • Find a great new tool to study for exams
    • Listen to text read in other languages
    • Create audio files for computer games
    • Prepare for a speech/presentation by hearing your words read aloud
    • Have a selection of natural voices to choose from.