About Us

  • How it All Started


    We developed one of the first auto-billing software products for the alarm industry. The software team then developed pioneering software that fully automated alarm monitoring central stations starting in 1980. Today, the flagship product, Central Works, continues to dominate the alarm central station market. Our products are found protecting schools, universities, public utilities, and many well-known government bases & high-risk structures. You will also find our software products in use in countries all around the globe.


    Computer hardware has also become more powerful. Thousands of electronic components needed to perform a task years ago now use one chip. Complex software instructions which used to take minutes now take seconds. All thanks to faster and more reliable computer hardware.

    While all these fascinating new products were available, software manufacturers always seemed to stay a little behind the times. Here’s where AlarmSoft comes in with Central Works PRO.

  • What to Expect From Us

    AlarmSoft Now

    It is our desire to offer the ultimate operations package for many of your computer needs. Please feel free to offer your suggestions. Most of the features found in the Central Works PRO have come from a central station environment, not a book! We really do listen to your ideas and requests!

    Additionally, CWPro takes advantage of many modern programming language extensions. Our products use things like Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Virtual Languages, Machine Language and Advanced Pascal / Delphi environments. In developing our products, we use state-of-the-art language products. This allows our products to be developed in a timely manner allowing unsurpassed features. Once a new release is ready, the product is installed in a real, on-site central station. Our development team can then test the performance and feasibility of new features. This process coupled with the longevity in our market provides for a well behaved and mature software product.

  • Our Future

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