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Since 1978, AlarmSoft continues to be a leader and pioneer in the Security Industry.  Our superior products are in place at thousands of installations worldwide that provide mission-critical solutions for Government, Education, US Embassies, Alarm Companies and other vertical markets.

We offer innovative solutions for turn-key, in-house alarm monitoring center packages (computers, network, automation software & receiver consoles).  Additional products include access system proximity cards, fobs, wristbands & GPS tracking systems.  Our popular ProxGlow plates greatly enhance proximity reader distance as well as functional lighting and handicap options.  Combined 100+ years of industry experience is unmatched by other vendors.

AlarmSoft Products are now proudly sold in several countries worldwide.

How it all started

More on how our business grew

We developed one of the first auto-billing software products for the alarm industry. The software team then developed pioneering software that fully automated alarm monitoring central stations starting in 1980. Today, the flagship product, Central Works, continues to dominate the alarm central station market. Our products are found protecting schools, universities, public utilities, and many well-known government bases & high-risk structures in countries all around the globe.

What to Expect

What to Expect from Us

It is our desire to offer the ultimate operations package for many of your computer needs, taking advantage of many modern programming language extensions. Our products are developed in a timely manner and allowing unsurpassed features. Once a new release is ready, the product is installed in a real, on-site central station for extensive testing. This process coupled with our longevity in the market provides for a well-behaved and mature software product.

Central Works Pro screenCentral Works Pro is the AlarmSoft flagship product.  (Download: CW2000 Spec Sheet).

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CW Pro and its functions:-


Central Works PRO Alarm Automation Software

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